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A Creative Survey--The Results!!

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted in the post and DM!

The results are in....but first: What was the question again?

A) The Show. You pick the song you dance to and make sure Mistress and her friends feel special... by dancing to them, crawling and kissing their fingers and shoes. Every dollar you get, you must slip it in your teeth and present to your mistress. Earn $10 and you get to shave the women. $20 and they shave you. Over $30 gets you two minutes with each!
B) Private Showing. Back stage, you will eat each woman to orgasm twice. Youo may not use your hands; only lips and tongue (teeth, if you're careful). Satisfy them all in under 20 minutes and you will get to do it again later in the evening.
C) An activity of your choice... write out your answer
Your second selection is which woman is your Mistress?
x) Penalty. Mistress thinks you paid too much attention to one of the other patrons during your striptease. The women will grab as many men as they can, and you will suck them all. If you fail to make them hard, you will be spread and beaten. If you fail to make at least two cum, you will suck random men on the way home until the women are satisfied.
y) Used. After the evening's adventures, the women are exceedingly horny. When you return home, you will be used by all six in whatever way they choose: some may need to ease the arousal with a whip and flogger, or peg you, or ride you, or sit on your face. This is about them. No words will be uttered by you, and they don't want to hear you moan or complain. Take it well for however long they need, and you'll get to sleep in the same bed. Fail and sleep in the crate.
z) A punishment of your creation...write out your answer

RESULTS The winners are A-2-x!  Only Z wasn’t unselected.  Welcome to the survey: soundslikefun!

Here's what you said:

@StraponLover12 ~ A - 2 - y for me...... :) :)

@NoirKink ~ You're killing me, BJ! B-3-Y (though, once again, it was extremely difficult to pass up X)

Littleonelk ~ C. On my first day, I am forced to remove my clothes and brought into a marketing meeting where the women will use me as a prop to discuss promotional ideas for the latest B.J. Frazier production! They take turns having me re-enact all of the scenes of their choice. They seem particularly interested in scenes from B.J.’s new audiobook, “Closing the Deal”. 2. x. Although the sound of B.J.’s voice was calming to me, the ladies in the office seem to become hot and bothered by the scenes as described in her reading, requiring substantial stress relief with me on St. Andrew’s Cross!

Multiperv ~ A, 1, and, partially for the variety, y.

FemDommeSeeker ~ B 2 x

soundslikefun ~ A1X, lol

Seblin ~ A) Some of these still scare me but I'll give it a try. 2) No real reason here, just caught my eye. x) Happy to be the cause of relief!

My comment:  @StraponLover12 ~ I had *no* idea you’d choose the pegging one! @NoirKink ~ I *may* have purposefully created the punishment choices to see which one you’d select.  Littleonelk ~ I DO so love how brown your nose is *grin*! Seblin ~ I love your willingness to try!

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...stay tuned for another survey later today!


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Severe Content Warning: B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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